Team Building Programs


Nomad Adventure’s corporate programs are designed to create training solutions for the specific needs of your team, based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Every team has different needs depending on a wide variety of circumstances.

To go beyond having a shared experience and move into the realm of developing great team effectiveness you need to engage in team building, not bonding. Building equals development. That is, the team actually improves something significantly in the way it goes about its day to day business rather than simply gets its team members closer.

Team building refers to the process of making a group of individuals into a team. It may involve activities but it will also involve facilitation.

Our dynamic debriefing sessions are designed to be fun and interactive. They are enjoyed every bit as much, and sometimes even more, than the activity in the first place.

 Gilligans Island

tbp02Picture your entire group being led by an old map from inside a bottle and meeting the original Gilligan’s Island castaways! The fun and adventure mounts as your team members make all their own preparations to leave the island themselves. Each castaway has vital information to the team’s overall success… but who knows what and how readily will they offer their help? Each team is given multiple tasks and projects to complete before their opportunity comes to leave the island.

Samurai Quest For Lost Wisdom

tbp01A kidnapping… a secret samurai training camp in the jungle… tests of physical courage… save Marilyn… find that Elvis actually lives! This fun-filled and quirky escapade takes participants on a non-stop adventure, complete with secret codes to decipher and even encounters with weird characters.

In the quest to become a worthy black belt samurai, participants will have to use all their ingenuity, problem solving skills, and then some! On this program your team will get to enjoy some of the most memorable adventure activities available in Malaysia, while building empathy with each other in a relaxed, informal environment.

Tibal Survivor

tbp04Imagine a line of inflatable (and, thankfully, unsinkable) rafts lined up in a lake and teams paddling together furiously to reach the finish line. No other activity gets teams working together better than rafting. We have the ability bring rafting to your doorstep at a lake in KL! The Great Rafting Regatta is a race where you’ll actively turn teamwork into results — learning new team techniques for reducing errors, increasing production and inspiring innovation. And you’ll do this while using the power of observation and communication, solving mind-boggling puzzles and overcoming various mystery challenges.

The Hunt For The Maverick Mat Saleh

tbp05Activities: Team initiative and problem solving games and Dynamic Debriefing.
Theme: Introducing skills and core competencies for the improvement of personal and team effectiveness. Managing a changing environment.

The international terrorist known as Mat Saleh has been sighted. On this non-stop adventure, it is up to our intrepid team of sleuths to track him down before he can execute his dastardly plan for world domination. They will have to overcome a variety of mystery tests while recovering information from a host of weird and wacky characters.

The teams will be challenged with:
– Creating an effective plan and executing it
– Flexibility to cope with changing conditions
– Opening up communication about goals, leadership and motivation
– Delegate/ share/ rotate tasks


Game of Thrones

tbp03Game of Thrones, the fantasy series based on the books by George RR Martin is all about trust, loyalty and effective relationships.

Our Game of Thrones team building program highlights some valuable business lessons. Build trust and trust carefully, keep your commitments, collaborate and share knowledge; pay your debts, know what makes you unique and different and leverage those things, have a solid strategy,  and don’t be afraid to course correct as needed!





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