ECO-Friendly Campsite


At Earth Camp we follow the “3R-Concept” both for the environment and also for team building!

Reduce: the amount of resources used and the amount of waste produced. Reduce your stress and conflict among team members by connecting with nature.

Reuse: things so that they have a longer life. Avoid wastage and a throw-away culture. Reuse your body and mind in a whole new way as you learn about the power of play.

Re-purpose: Use items creatively for a different purpose. Rediscover your sense of purpose as you step out of your comfort zone and embrace adventure.

Mud House Project

In 2009 Nomad Adventure started the project to build a house out of mud. It was an experiment in alternative construction approaches. All materials, which are used at the mud house are recycled and re-purposed materials. This project was used as a team building exercise. Companies and schools helped us to build this project. All of this supports the companies in their working attitude and increases their ability to work together.

Back- To- Basics

As the Winner of the President’s Award from the Perak Tourism Association, our concept is Back-To-Basics.

Think small is well connected to our Back- To- Basic concept. In the tree houses and dormitories the furniture is very basic. At Earth Camp, clients will not find air conditioning in the facilities. Clients will have a fan in every tree house and ceiling fans in all dormitories. At Earth Camp there are not a lot of plug points for electronics. Only 2 in every tree house. These are all arrangements to save the air and the nature. Back- To- Basic is a very important educational experience for our groups and recreational clients.

Moreover, it is important to think small. Therefore, we only offer small accommodation. However, the tree houses can accommodate up to 30 people and the dormitories up to 100 people. The beds are divided in 12 units of tree houses and 5 units of dormitories. Think small, means also use as less materials as possible. Large accommodation use a lot more energy to heat and cool down than smaller ones. Energy is the number 1 air pollution in our world.

The tree houses and dormitories at Earth Camp are small. Although they are small, they are very cozy and beautiful. The bathrooms for our clients, who stay in the tree houses are showers and toilets in one room. The bathrooms of the dormitories are divided in small showers and small toilets. Thus, we safe energy and use less materials. In designing these tanks are also easy to keep clean and maintain. They have no corners where dirt and grime can collect, therefore, they are very easy to wash down. Thus we use less water, cleaning products and energy to maintain these special shacks than a conventional bathroom.

Rain Water Harvest

Rain water harvesting is a deposition of rain water for re-use. The available water can be used for the garden, water for livestock and can even be used as drinking water. Thus, using rain water harvesting we make use of natural resources and reduce flooding. Moreover, we promote both water and energy conservation. The rain water goes through tanks and gets cleaned. After a complex cleaning process the water gets used in our showers at Earth Camp




We are the only Malaysian outdoor adventure company with an ISO 9001 certification.



Nomad Adventure’s Earth Camp offers accommodation and facilities built largely from re-purposed materials.



Most of Nomad Adventure’s recreational outdoor trips take place at our Earth Camp site in Gopeng, Perak.