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1. Where does Nomad Adventure conduct it’s activities and what are the main activities they have ?

Our Earth Camp in Gopeng is where our main adventure activities take place as it has many natural resources. Our main activities include: Waterfall Abseiling, Whitewater rafting, Ropes Courses at Mountain School and also other Nature Activities. We do provide activities in the Selangor area like waterfall abseil at Sungai Pisang, Gombak and also at Sungai Perdik and Lepoh in Hulu Langat.

2. What makes Nomad Adventure different from the other adventure/outdoor based companies?

We are the only outdoor adventure based company in Malaysia with ISO 9001:2008 certification where safety is our top priority when it comes to our adventure activities.

3. Can a non-swimmer participate in whitewater rafting? How many people can fit in a raft? Do you use qualified raft guides ?

Yes, a non-swimmer can participate. We will provide personal floatation device to all participants for water activities and will conduct whitewater confidence swim before starting our whitewater rafting activity.

Our rafts can take a maximum of 5 participants plus one guide each, however we normally have just 4 participants in each!

All the rafting guides we use are qualified whitewater rafting guides and certified to Australian national-level safety and rescue standards

4. What attire should we wear for the activities? Can we wear crocs for water activities?

We can send you a packing list of items that you can refer to, which mainly consists of clothes you don’t mind getting wet! Strictly no crocs allowed however you can purchase our “Adidas Kampung” rubber shoes @ RM10 per pair if you do not want your shoes to get wet.

5. What is Mountain School ? How many activities can we do in half a day session ?

Mountain School is our own unique venue to conduct various ropes related activities like abseiling, rock-climbing, zipline and many, many more. We have both low and high ropes course that are designed to exceed your expectations and give you the option of challenge by choice.

6. What is the food you serve like ? Is it Halal ?

All our food is served by our certified caterers and it is all Halal. You can also update us on any dietary requirements/restrictions so we can prepare the meals accordingly.

7. How long does one activity takes ?

Most activities normally take half a day. Approx 2-3 hours. For Mountain school we can offer half-day or full-day programs. Our kayaking is a full-day course!

8. How long is the drive to Earth Camp if we are driving from KL/Ipoh/Penang ?

From KL it is approximately 2 and a half hours, from Penang it is approximately 3 hours and from Ipoh it’s just 30-45 mins.

9. Can my kids participate in the activities ?

We readily welcome children age 12 and above for all activities. For children below that age, we will need to assess the children’s abilities to cope with our instructions and also talk further with parents/guardians about their child’s physical ability.

10. Does Nomad Adventure have accommodation? Are there mosquitoes or wild animals around the area ?

Yes, we do have accommodation for all clients who wish to stay overnight before or after activities. We have eco-friendly dormitories, tree houses, kampung houses or matahari villa’s available. There are mosquitoes around the area but we do regular fogging to minimize the amount of mosquitoes in the area. There are rarely wild animals around the area, definitely nothing dangerous!