Safety Standards

Safety First Is Safety Always

Nomad Adventure is Malaysia’s first and only outdoor adventure company to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our ISO certification reflects Nomad’s commitment to providing professional adventure experiences with the highest safety standards possible. This process starts from the moment you contact us, all the way until you finish your trip with a huge smile on your face.

Every aspect of our services is quality assured. You can always expect us to provide honest advice and to craft a program that suits your objectives and ability. We don’t give you a false idea of the level of risk and difficulty involved just to make a sale.

Our staff receive the best safety training possible and our risk management systems have been reviewed to international industry standards.

Why settle for less on your next adventure trip?

What this means in detail

Nomad Adventure is the only adventure company in Malaysia to ensure that all of our trip leaders are certified by Rescue 3 International in water and rope rescue as well as Wilderness First Aid. Our whitewater rafting trip leaders are also certified by the International Rafting Federation.

We were the first to use all Type V lifejackets which are US coast guard approved for commercial whitewater rafting excursions. Our equipment is visually assessed monthly and all equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested every 6 months. We have testing procedures for all equipment including – harnesses, helmets, belay devices, carabiners, ropes, slings, pulleys and PFDs.

As part of our stringent Standard Operating Procedures, all participants receive a through safety briefing before each activity. For certain activities, we further require participants to demonstrate certain safety skills before they can proceed.  For example, before going White Water Rafting, participants have to demonstrate the ability to perform basic self-rescue techniques: eg: able to maintain the feet-up position while floating, be able to catch a throw line and to swim towards safety.  At our Mountain School, we have a specially constructed “ground school” area where participants get to practice the use of their personal protection equipment (PPE) in a safe environment while on the ground.

Safety Standards for Children

While our programs are designed for participants who are 12 years old and above, we do allow children aged between 6 to 12 on certain selected activities. For these younger children we will interview the parents/guardians about the children and their level of ability before we accept their booking.

Once they arrive for the activity, we also test the children’s basic ability to listen to and carry out the instructions of our guides. If they pass the simple assessment we will happily allow them on the activities and, if not, we will provide an alternative activity. This is why we MUST be alerted in advance for any participants under 12 years old.




We are the only Malaysian outdoor adventure company with an ISO 9001 certification.



Nomad Adventure’s Earth Camp offers accommodation and facilities built largely from re-purposed materials.



Most of Nomad Adventure’s recreational outdoor trips take place at our Earth Camp site in Gopeng, Perak.