Rope Activities

Rope Activities

We have the largest variety of ropes activities on offer, and our experienced facilitators are all trained Ropes Course Instructors. We have constructed our own unique activities with varied levels of challenge allowing you to set your own goals.

Most of our ropes activities are held at our very own mountain school situated just 15 minutes from our Earth Camp in Gopeng. We can also offer a number of activities in Hulu Langat, Selangor which have their own character and sense of adventure.

Safety and good customer service are our priorities. We ensure a minimum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 clients. We believe in the principle of Challenge by Choice, and thus we work hard to create a supportive atmosphere where everyone experiences a sense of achievement.

Our programmes can be run as fun recreation activities but all include elements of team-building. We can offer them as half day programmes or they can be combined with any other activity to make programmes of up to 5 days.

Mountain School

Rock Climbing & Abseil
Right on location at Nomad Mountain School, participants will get to learn two mountaineering skills; abseiling and rock climbing on a spectacular limestone cliff. Rock climbing is a natural teambuilding activity. It is goal-oriented and requires cooperation, trust, and good communication skills.

Our facilitators will provide participants with activities that will enhance and change the way individuals view themselves and the team as a whole. With our breath-taking abseil, our experienced instructors make this adrenaline-pumping activity safe and achievable challenge for all.

High Ropes Course
Located in Nomad Mountain School, the Pinnacle Adventure High Ropes Course is a unique aerial circuit built that is unlike anything in the world. Participants conquer a series of high rope obstacles set amidst limestone pinnacles and lush forest trees. The obstacles include a combination of rock climbing, bouldering, high ropes course and via feratta obstacles set in a multitude of configurations.

Safety and cooperation, as well as individual achievement are essential to complete the course. The high ropes obstacles are designed to address specific personal development themes such as: team building, communication, problem solving skills, risk-taking strategies and stress reduction. With routes of various difficulties, the entire group will be highly engaged in this exciting activity.

We have 5 Technical Rope Programs at our Mountain School in Gopeng that you can choose from. All the activities below take a half day, so combine them with white-water rafting to make a full day of fun!

Each activity is designed to provide an experience where each participant finds their own level of challenge. Lead by our highly trained outdoor leaders, no prior skills are necessary. We only need you to have an adventurous spirit!

Giant Swing and Leap of Faith
Our giant swing is like a swing set on steroids! You will be hooked up to a pulley system for your group members to hoist you up. When you reach your desired altitude, it’s time to kick back and fly!

The Leap of Faith is the ultimate test of courage and trust as you make the leap from a platform 10m above the ground. It leaves you with a feeling of “if I can do this, I can do anything!”

“Over The Edge” Abseil
Our Mountain School’s special “Over The Edge” rappel platform ups the level of challenge and fun. You have to ascend our spectacular limestone ridge via ladders and a hanging bridge before the 20m free-hanging abseil.

Waterfall Abseiling 

Nomad established this waterfall abseil in 1995, a 15m slippery descent in to the stream below. Despite the fact that this a wonderful activity to do, the slippery environment makes it less suitable for novices.

Gua Kandu With Flying Fox

This cave is a multi levelled and multi chambered cave with many unique formations within it and was a communist hideout during the war. You can explore the cave with the help of experienced guides and find out for yourself what it’s like to be in true darkness! Furthermore, we have developed a one-of-a-kind flying fox across the biggest chamber in the cave.




We are the only Malaysian outdoor adventure company with an ISO 9001 certification.



Nomad Adventure’s Earth Camp offers accommodation and facilities built largely from re-purposed materials.



Most of Nomad Adventure’s recreational outdoor trips take place at our Earth Camp site in Gopeng, Perak.