Vision and Mission

 Our Mission

Established since 1994, Nomad Adventure is a team of professional, committed and positive people who are in the business of providing extraordinary adventure experiences to our clients.

We produce amazing challenges, events and programs that are fused with our unique brand of fun and creativity. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the country’s leading adventure company by providing exceptional customer service, a high standard of safety and technical expertise and, above all, by bringing an innovative vision to the activities we feel so passionate about.

We believe that adventure begins with desire and a wild spark of imagination. It is a bold undertaking that drives us to challenge ourselves; to explore beyond the horizon and in the process discover something of our unique potential. Adventure is an expression of our inner selves; an attitude we bring to whatever we do.

Our approach is always wholistic. We integrate dynamic debriefing in our processes to facilitate learning, development and empowerment. Respect and observance of our environment is one of our paramount concerns. As a business, we are positively engaged with our community.

Nomad Adventure’s clients are drawn to us because they have an adventurous spirit and are looking for an outstanding experience. Our clients choose us again and again because they recognise the value of our work and our commitment to delivering the experience safely, professionally and with ”WOW”.