Community Service


Our programs integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience. We teach civic responsibility, encourage lifelong civic engagement, and strengthen communities for the common good.


In the northern most corner of Perak, 117,500 hectares were declared as the Royal Belum State Park by Duli Yang Maha Mulia (DYMM) Sultan Azlan Shah, Sultan of Perak on 31 July 2003. The Royal Belum is composed mainly of pristine tropical rainforest, with many river systems, and Tasik Temengor, a large man-made lake. It comprises of one of the largest blocks of forest in Peninsular Malaysia, and is reputed to have the most wildlife amongst all of Malaysia’s national and state parks.

For Discovery Week the students will be staying at Belum Eco-Resort on the Tasik Temengor  discovery Island. Guests will get the chance to see the different species of hornbills in and around Tasik Temengor Discovery Island. If the guests are lucky, they could also hear the tiger roaring as well as see herds of wild elephants foraging just 200- meters from our restaurant. Belum is currently the only rare Eco environment in Malaysia where big mammals like elephant, tiger, tapir and seladang still roam freely.

Gopeng Building Projects

Around our Earth camp are many Orang Asli villages which are often lacking basic facilities and amenities. By helping them to construct amenities which we take for granted we can greatly enhance their quality of life.

This may be the construction of buildings such as libraries or classrooms, or simply installing water storage containers for those parts which do not yet have access to running water from a tap.


We can arrange for students to visit a local school to spend half a day teaching the children there. Challenging participants to plan their own activities and lessons and giving them responsibility for the class!

The children in this area are some of the lowest educated in the country as they often cannot afford a proper education. By giving them just a little extra we can help to make an impact on their future!



We are the only Malaysian outdoor adventure company with an ISO 9001 certification.



Nomad Adventure’s Earth Camp offers accommodation and facilities built largely from re-purposed materials.



Most of Nomad Adventure’s recreational outdoor trips take place at our Earth Camp site in Gopeng, Perak.