Hulu Langat


A 3 day mini expedition in Hulu Langat teaching students the basic skills they will need for basic survival. The trip includes a 2 hour trek through to Sungai Lepuk waterfall for a waterfall abseil, as well as raft building and activities on their final day.

Each team will lay out their own campsite and build the camping gadgets for their own campsite. Students will be taught all the skills they will need to construct the tools and campsite.

Day 2 is the main day of the expedition which starts with an approximately 2 hour trek and team initiatives before lunch. The afternoon is filled with a waterfall abseil into the canyon, using the same site we used for our 2008 Eco-X Race!

For the third and final day we take students down to the lake and challenge them to build a raft or cardboard boat. We also teach teams how to set up a 3:1 mechanical advantage hauling system using ropes, pulleys and stoppers.