Our Langkawi package is an all-action 5 day expedition around the island which sees students travel around 100km entirely man powered! A truly unforgettable adventure for the students.

We start out with a full day of easy mangrove and sea kayaking using our inflatable kayaks, covering approximately 30km. Students will camp out on the beach of the deserted island of Pulai Telui. A further 15km sea kayak the following day over to the only other inhabited island, Pulau Tuba, where we temporarily pack up our kayaks!

While on Pulau Tuba we start our jungle trek with an ascent to summit 256, the highest point on the island which is also where we set up our second camp! The trek resumes with an abseil down from the summit before trekking to the northern side of the island for another night by the beach!

Students will unpack their kayaks for a 15km kayak back to the main island at Pantai Beringin where we will offer students the chance to go rock climbing with spectacular views over the sea. Our final challenge is a bicycle orienteering marathon around the island visiting local villages and points of interest!

The expedition is fully supported by our experienced guides and we have a power boat on standby for any emergency situations.