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About Me – Hafizi

Hafizi Nomad Adventure Trip leader- rescue instructor

Hafizi Yeap

Roving Instructor

Hafizi’s mother is an Orang Asli from the Senoi tribe. He grew up in a village about 15 km from here. He learnt to raft guide with Nomad when he was 16 years old and is our longest serving trip leader. The two highlights of his career have been attending the Rescue 3 Europe conference in Llangollen, Wales and being a junior judge at the world Rafting Championships at the Citarik River in Indonesia. He is a Rescue 3 Water and Rope instructor and has quietly mentored the majority of the river guides on Sg Kampar. Moose’s experience shows as he is cool as a cucumber in any situation. You may not be able to tell if he is on his way out for a meal or going down the river as he’s always dressed so smartly! In his spare time he loves to go fishing.


Rescue 3 Water Instructor
Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Rescue 3
Grade 3 Trip leader, the International Rafting Federation
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced, Rescue 3
Rope Skills Instructor, Nomad Adventure
River Rescue Professional, Rescue 3
Recreational Rappelling Operator, Rescue 3