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Phoenix Initiative

Nomad Adventure - Phoenix Initiative

The Phoenix Initiative was established to deal with the waste disposal problem of the villages around Gopeng where Nomad Adventure has been operating since 2003. The villagers are not provided with any waste disposal services so they simply throw rubbish in the jungle or river creating many illegal dumpsites.

Our aim is to create the first “Zero Waste Kampung” in Malaysia in Gopeng. We will use our eco-waste Asher to definitively deal with the household waste for our Earth Camp and the surrounding villages.

It will also be a focus for the Environmental Education programs that we are already running. With the help and sponsorship of partners we also hope to clear up some illegal dumpsites around the area so that Gopeng is not just famous for adventure activities but also environmental best practices.

Phoenix initiative- Asher- waste disposal solution

What is Asher ?

A revolutionary green waste disposal system that uses pyrolysis to turn plastic, paper, organic waste and household rubbish into ash which can be used as fertilizer or made into bricks and pavers.

The machine operates without external energy source, generating its own power via solar panels.

It contains all the waste processed and generated by it.

Phoenix initiative- waste disposal solution in Gopeng

Why is the Asher the
right way?

  • The Asher is self-sustainable. No external energy is needed.
  • The Asher is green, eco-friendly & complies fully to the US EPA standards.
  • The Asher is very affordable, cost efficient and brings about many other intangible benefits.
  • The Asher is capable of not less than 90% landfill diversion.
  • The Asher is robust, flexible, easily mobilized, safe and user friendly.
  • The Asher is now. It is mass production ready and quick to deploy.
  • The Asher is very user friendly, effortless, easy to commission and with easy maintenance protocols.
  • The Asher is a closed-loop system without any secondary contamination.
Phoenix initiative- sustainability program in Gopeng


The Phoenix Initiative is dedicated to Madam Ong Su Ming on the occasion of her 80th Birthday. Madam Ong is the mother of Nomad founder, Chan Yuen Li.

“My mother has been my role model, teaching me the true meaning of community activism. In dealing with what seem to be insurmountable challenges in our life, the best way forward is not just to look at how we can solve the problem for ourselves but to look at solutions which reach the community as a whole,” said Chan.

Phoenix initiative- waste disposal solution in Malaysia