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Jungle School

Jungle School Program for Youth

Looking for a camp to spend this summer and Christmas Holiday! No fret, Nomad Adventure is launching the Jungle School for you in Selangor region.

Explore our different camp locations around Malaysia Selangor where we run our Jungle school programs.  These locations offer children the opportunity to investigate different geographies, skills and ecosystems. They also help students connect to the community, our heritage and the natural world. Each location has its own characteristics, opportunities and site-specific activities, enabling us to craft programs that meet your specific needs and logistical requirements.

We are available for booking throughout the whole year!
Upcoming Date

  • September 2020
  • October 2020
  • November 2020
  • December 2020

Terms & Condition

  1. Advance booking is required for Covid-19 management
  2. Min of 10 pax per group is required to establish a group booking


Despite the proximity of the city, the outdoor activities around Kuala Lumpur are among our more challenging offerings because they often involve a hike in. We established these activities over the course of developing our Adventure Race Series from 2000 till 2012. Enjoy beautiful jungle environments with an appropriate level of technical challenge. 

Our activities here include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Waterfall abseil and hiking
  • River Tracing and Tyrolean Traverse
  • Outdoor survival skills
  • Team building activities
  • Mountain Biking Clinic
  • First Aid Class

Mountain Biking Challenge @ Putrajaya Challenge Park

Putrajaya is a planned city and the federal administrative centre of the Malaysian capital. There is a 650-hectare man-made lake designed to act as a natural cooling system for the city.

A nicely built terrain and obstacle course throughout Selangor make it the best place for our new adventurer to try out the course.
Our team who now have a 100% closure rate and helping the young to be trained and from non-cyclist to become a cyclist.


Meeting point: Putrajaya Challenge Skatepark

Time Frame: 8.00am  – 4.00pm

Package: Mountain biking (Inclusive of mountain bike rental)

Rating: Easy

Lesson inclusive of :-

  • Braking
  • Baseline Balancing
  • Ride Flat Paddle
  • Cornering
  • Take a slow and easy

Sungai Tua , Selangor State Park

Selangor State Park and the surrounding areas was the site for Nomad’s Eco-X adventure race back in 2010. Part of the race route included a river tracing section in Sungai Tua, and we are now happy to offer this as an adventure trip to you!

It is quite close to the city centre, taking about a 30 minutes drive to get there. It is located in the Sungai Tua Recreational Forest and is managed by the Forestry Department of Selangor. The river is relatively clean and the rapids are gentle without any steep climbs, making it perfect for river tracing!

It is quite a popular weekend destination for families and friends and there might be some groups around having a picnic, however, they rarely venture downstream so the journey is pretty much an isolated trip. This is a good option if you are very concerned about social distancing!


Time frame : 8.00am  – 3.00pm

Package includes: Shuttle service to activity site, packed lunch, abseiling equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE)

Rating: Easy – moderate

Activity : River Tracing and Tyrolean traverse

Sungai Pisang, Gombak

This area was the site of Nomad’s first adventure race in 2003. A 30-minute hike along a stream leads to a wild campsite by the spectacular Sungai Pisang waterfall where you will have a thrilling abseil experience.

The hike itself is quite a unique experience as no other trails pass through a tunnel that leads you into the Gombak Forest Reserve. This trail is often crowded with hikers and picnickers during the weekend but the jungle pool experience is worth braving through the crowd!


Time frame : 8.30am  – 04.00pm

Activity : Waterfall Hike  and waterfall abseil

Package includes: Shuttle service to activity site, packed lunch, abseiling equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE)

Rating: Moderate
*Waterfall abseiling require min age of 11 and above

Stand-Up Paddling @ Tasik Widuri

Tasik Widuri is one of the most perfect location to learn Stand Up Paddle boarding we’ve seen in Selangor region.

At here,we will go through a series of training with the instructors on the basic paddling, and doing some fitness crash course (balancing, yoga pose and much more)


Time frame : 8.30am  – 04.00pm

Activity : Stand Up paddleBoard practice

Package includes: Shuttle service to activity site, packed lunch, paddling equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE)

Rating: Moderate
*Waterfall abseiling require min age of 11 and above

Adventures are all about crossing thresholds.

"Adventures are all about crossing thresholds. Nomad Adventure provided my children with a way to experience the great outdoors in a calculated, safe approach. They enjoyed the hiking, river tracing, flying fox, stand up paddleboarding with their friends. Outings were well planned and well-executed. I highly recommend outdoor activities organised by Nomad Adventures"

~Juwita Ghani~

The program was well-organised, informative and stimulating

Our 12 year old enjoyed 3 days of Jungle School in August 2020 with a group of friends involving river tracing, abseiling, paddle boarding and was joined by our 9 year old for a day-long mountain bike clinic. We found the Nomad team to be very communicative, efficient and safety-oriented. As this is conducted in the jungle, we expected minor scrapes and bumps, and were delighted that first-aid was also taught during the school. The program was well-organised, informative and stimulating, and the instructors/guides were professional and respectful to the environment and surrounding community, setting a good example for the participants. Our children had a lot of fun and look forward to joining another Nomad Adventure again.

Stephanie Moore

"My son fav is Mountain Biking Clinic"

"We have been on a few trips organized by Nomad Adventure. My kids 8 and 10 yo loved the jungle and river trip (the zip line was a highlight). My sons favourite trip was mountain bikes in Putrajaya. It was very convenient that I could drop kids with their friends in PJ and collect them in the afternoon. Kids loved every trip and we are considering to use Nomad to organize a birthday party for my son later this year"

~Lora S~

"Summer Holiday"

"My 2 kids ages 8 and 15 went to a total of 10 Jungle school programs offered by Nomad Adventures during the summer holidays. Basically I signed them up for every program Nomad offered! They had an awesome time and couldn't stop talking about how fun it was. I personally went on the Sungai Tua program with 2 other moms and even the adults had so much fun. I could see what it was conducted in a very organised manner with a big focus on safety. I would say the abseiling and the river tracing had the best review from my kids! I have recommended it to so many of my friends and they all had nothing but good things to say about Nomad and the Jungle School Program."

~Joanne Ho~

"Safety Protocol"

"I have been on adventures 3 times with the Nomad Adventure team and each event has been well organised, right from registration. I have gone on 2 children's jungle river trekking events and an adult SUP. They are thorough with following the current SOPs and I appreciate the safety protocols that are followed and the energy of the team members. They were awesome with my children you can see that they really love what they do and they make sure that you enjoy every moment of it too."