Perak Youths Outdoor Leadership Camp 2017




As the premier outdoor company in Malaysia, we have always known that in order to deliver world-class programs, we cannot just look after our own business.

We need to be committed to bring up the standard of the whole industry.

To build up strong national outdoor standards, youth play a vital role. To this end, we are pleased to introduce the Outdoor Leadership Camp 2017 for Perak Youths.


Why do we organize this camp?

1.To expose youth from Perak to international outdoor safety standards

2.To build up solid foundation outdoor skills among youths

3.To develop Malaysia’s outdoor industry by introducing youths to the professional side of outdoor education

4.Give youth possibility to experience how it is to work as an outdoor professional and inspire for future job choice 



Date: 4-7th January 2017

Location: Earth Camp, Gopeng


Activities during the camp:

2 days High Ropes Training



Ropes course advocates claim that they meet a number of educational, developmental, and recreational goals.

High ropes course and climbing programs generally focus on personal achievements and ask participants to confront their personal fears and anxieties.

In Rope Training , will not only cover knotting and rope knowledge which will beneficial daily life but some other soft skills.


You will learn:

– How to deliver clear and specific instructions

– How to give encouragement for people to conquer their fears

– About crowd management 

– How to deliver message in front of group in English

– How to belay 

– Last but not least, how to create thrill experience for the participants  in a safe manner 


  2 days Swiftwater Rescue Training


Every Year Malaysia has a flood issue.

A lot of tragic events have place due to lack of knowledge about Water Safety.

By introducing Swiftwater Rescue Techniques, we will be rising awareness about water safety of the general public and hopefully in the future flood and swiftwater incidents will reduce. 



Outdoor leadership skills 


Outdoor Leadership requires a range of string soft skills. Throughout the program, participants will also learn about

– Problem solving and decision making

– Empathy and interpersonal communication

– Self-awareness and self-esteem

– Critical thinking

– Core values and commitment

via experiential learning



The value of this camp is RM 1400/ pax, but we are offering this opportunity for less than 20% of the actual cost. We will collect only a small contribution of  RM250 from you. 


How to apply

Participants must apply for the camp through this simple process:

1.Click to download the questionnaire  and fill it in

2.Email the completed questionnaire and your resume to before 21st of December 2016 

3.Be proactive and show leadership in collecting a contribution of RM250 for the camp

4. Successful applicants will be informed by 23rd December 2016.