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Rescue 3 Courses & Certifications

Premier Rescue 3 Courses for River, Ropes & First Aid

Water Rescue Courses

Recreational River Safety (RECRS)

This half-day Rescue 3 International course is designed for recreational water enthusiasts who wish to learn some water safety skills. This course covers safe river crossing techniques and decision making, survival swimming techniques and use of throw bags. This course is aimed to provide recreational users with knowledge of safe water practices. Participants must be confident swimmers and over 18. Courses can be run for groups with a minimum of 8 persons.

Want to learn Practical Water Safety Skills in a fun course setting and don’t need the Rescue 3 Certification? Check out our Nomad Adventure River Safety Course.

White Water Rescue Technician – Recreational (WRT)

This 2-day Rescue 3 International course is specially designed for newer river guides and recreational boaters, kayakers, non-profit organizations and anyone taking a river rescue course for the first time. Basic river running and paddling skills are a prerequisite. Emphasis is on identifying hazards and on rescue practices; both to self and others. Thinking through rescues is also emphasized. While this course meets agency Swiftwater Rescue certification requirements for river guides and kayakers; its pace allows for thorough integration of knowledge and practice of the skills that matter. Participants must be confident swimmers and over 18. The qualification is valid for 3 years.

White Water Rescue Technician – Professional (WRT-PRO)

This 3-day Rescue 3 International certification is designed for professional river guides, kayakers, and folks that spend time on Class 4 and 5 whitewater. It is the “advanced” course, and folks that join this course must have taken a WRT/RRC or the equivalent. Participants must be confident swimmers, over 18 and have the prerequisite skills of knowing basic knots, throw bagging, self-rescue, basic MA, stabilization and snag line, as well as an ongoing history of spending quite a bit of time in and on whitewater. The International Rafting Federation has accepted the WRT/RRC as a go-to curriculum for rescue certification. This course culminates with a test for certification. Certification is valid for 3 years. 

Ropes Rescue Courses

Recreational Rappel Operator (RECRO)

This 4-day Rescue 3 International course is suitable for recreational climbers who are interested to learn how to lead group rappelling (abseiling) activities in recreational settings. The course includes knots, environmental care, rope physics, technical equipment, anchoring, rappelling, contingency/releasable anchor systems, belaying, coaching new rappellers, emergency drills, ascending, risk management and site management. 

Participants who have ropes experience or have held previous qualifications may qualify for a 2 or 3-day course. Participants must be over 18 and have basic ropes knowledge. Qualification valid for 3 years.

Want to learn about basic Ropes Rescue as a recreational rock climber or sport climber and don’t need the Rescue 3 certification? See our Nomad Adventure Rope Rescue Techniques.

Wilderness Medicine Courses

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

This 2-day course is designed for outdoor guides, backpackers, hikers, river guides and those who spend their time working and playing outside! The focus of this course is to provide participants with a good understanding of basic life support techniques and environmental issues that may arise in the wilderness. The course will include some self-learning as instruction time will predominantly be skills and scenarios based to allow participants maximum opportunities to practice the skills taught and improve topic understanding.

Students completing the course will receive a 16hr Wilderness First Aid Card (good for two years) and an OSHA Approved CPR Card (good for two years). This meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/ First Aid training needs.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) and CPR

This 4-day Sierra Rescue International certified course is designed for backpackers, hikers, river guides and outdoor professionals who guide multi-day trips or work in remote areas. It is similar to our WFA program with the addition of more time spent on scenarios and labs. WAFA students leave with a solid understanding of wilderness medicine, feeling confident in their skills at the end of the course. The WAFA hands-on course will give you more practice to build muscle memory and also be an opportunity to practice using judgement and critical thinking skills which are vital for outdoor leadership and safety management.

Students completing the course will receive a 32hr Wilderness First Aid Card (good for two years) and an OSHA Approved CPR Card (good for two years). This meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/ First Aid training needs.

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