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What to Bring

Nomad Adventure - What to Bring

Not sure what to bring with you? Here is a quick list of items that will ensure you are ready for adventure!


Water/Wet Activities

(Rafting, kayaking, waterfall abseil, wet caving, etc.…)
Attire: T-shirt and shorts or tights. You must be able to swim in your clothes, no jeans.
Shoes: Covered toe shoes that will not slip off your feet. Please, no flip flops / crocs for activities.


Dry Activities

(High ropes, Flying Fox Caving, Zipline Tour, etc.)

Attire: Long sleeve shirt and trousers (extra protection from the elements/insects) or T-shirt and shorts/tights
Shoes: Covered toe shoes with good grip

NOTE: If your shoes do not adequately protect your feet, we will ask you to rent our rubber shoes for RM5/ pair as a condition of your participation.


Caving or Overnight Stay

Torchlight, preferably a headtorch.

Other Trip Essentials 

  • A smile and a positive attitude 
  • Extra clothes to change into after your activities. Don’t forget dry footwear, fresh underwear and a bag for your dirty stuff!
  • A towel, shampoo, soap and other toiletries to shower. There are ample showers here at Earth Camp.
  • A day pack with sunscreen, mosquito repellant, sunglasses, hat, any personal medication, and snacks.
  • Personal water bottle. Please bring a refillable water bottle with you, there are many places to fill up at our camp! 
  • A little bit of money for souvenirs but otherwise please leave your valuables at home. Earth Camp has mobile phone reception and electricity, but limited plug points for appliances.
  • Cameras. Make sure they are waterproof or have a waterproof case/bag.
  • If you are staying overnight you may wish to bring your own pillow or an extra blanket or sleeping bag if you are the type to feel the cold.

Forgot your head torch? Or your toothbrush? Don’t worry, our on-site merchandise store is equipped with all the items you may need or have forgotten.

Click below to download the Nomad Adventure – Packing List (PDF):

Nomad Adventure Packing List (PDF)

What to bring- Packing List