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Sustainability Programs

Nomad Adventure Sustainability Programs

We use the “8R-Concept” at Earth Camp and to educate our guests

Rethink your lifestyle. Change your attitude towards the throw-away culture and think before you use.

Refuse using excessive amounts of resources. Buy or take only what you need.

Reduce the number of resources used and the amount of waste produced.

Reuse items to give them new life. Avoid wastage and throw-away culture.

Repurpose items creatively for different purposes.

Repair items that are broken to extend their life.

Recycle what you can. If you can no longer put an item to use or reuse, recycle it so it can be turned into something new.

Responsibly Dispose waste 

Mud House Project

In 2009 Nomad Adventure started the project to build a house out of mud. It was an experiment in alternative construction approaches. All materials, which are used at the mud house are recycled and repurposed materials. This project was used as a team-building exercise. Companies and schools helped us to build this project. All of this supports the companies in their working attitude and increases their ability to work together.

Sustainability mud hut team building project


As the Winner of the President’s Award from the Perak Tourism Association, our concept is Back-To-Basics.

Think small is well connected to our Back-To-Basics concept. Therefore, we only offer small accommodation. However, the dormitories can accommodate over 150 people and our other accommodations can accommodate over 80 more people between them. By thinking small when designing and building the accommodations we are able to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool and light those buildings. Energy is the number 1 cause of air pollution in our world. Clients will not find air conditioning in any of the facilities at Earth Camp. All rooms and common areas have fans to cool them. At Earth Camp, there are few plug points for electronics. For example, only 2 in each treehouse. These are all arrangements to save the air and nature. Furniture is very basic in all of the accommodations, once again we are thinking small and reducing the number of materials we use. Back-To-Basics is a very important educational experience for our groups and recreational clients.

Although our accommodations are small, they are very cozy and beautiful. The bathrooms for our clients, who stay in the treehouses, tampang houses and kampung hostel are small rooms combing shower and toilet. The bathrooms of the dormitories are divided into small showers and small toilets. Thus, we save energy and use fewer materials. 

Toilets and showers for our common areas are re-purposed from polycarbonate water tanks. In designing these tanks are also easy to keep clean and maintain. They have no corners where dirt and grime can collect, therefore, they are very easy to wash down. Thus we use less water, cleaning products and energy to maintain these special shacks than a conventional bathroom.

Earth Camp Facilities- recycled materials toilets
Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp treehouses

Building Materials

We are always looking to use and reuse renewable materials in our Earth Camp. 

Reusing materials – Reduce, reuse, repurpose definitely holds true when we are looking to make any additions to our campsite. When sourcing materials for our projects, our first step is to see if we have any materials that can be reused or repurposed! We try to limit our 

Tyres in-floor foundations – Many of our buildings at Earth Camp have been built with tyres in their foundations. This is a fantastic way to reuse old tyres and reduce their wastage. Rubber has high insulation factor and heat absorption properties which make them a great addition to our buildings. Placed under the floor, they draw heat and help to keep the place cool. If you touch the ground over where the tyres are you can feel for yourself just how cool it really is!

Repurposed materials – The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that demolished buildings provide about 1,000,000,000 feet of usable lumber per year. The process of producing reclaimed wood uses 13 times less cumulative energy than producing new timber. 

Our Kampung Hostel is the perfect example of reusing materials. All wood and timber used in its construction has been reclaimed from other buildings that have been deconstructed. The wood used has come from old houses and shop buildings around Perak.

Our outdoor classroom is another example where we have taken materials that would otherwise have been thrown away and given them new life. The roof is insulated plastic taken from a previously deconstructed building and the metal poles that make the frame of the building were reclaimed from our old dormitories. 

Coconut fibre mattress – We use coconut fibre mattresses throughout all our accommodations. They are both great for the environment and for your health! They may seem a little hard, however, they are wonderful for your back, especially if you suffer from back pain. They’ve been proven to promote blood circulation. 

The coconut coir provides good ventilation and absorbs heat. Plus their hypoallergenic qualities ensure everyone will have a good night’s sleep!

Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp Tree houses
Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp Shared Bathrooms
Earth Camp facilities- jungle lounge


We compost our fruit and vegetable scraps. Composting is a fantastic and easy way to reduce your food waste. It reduces the amount of waste we send to landfill It also produces nutrient-rich soil which we can then use in our garden. Organic waste that we don’t compost goes to nearby poultry farms to feed animals.