Established since 1994, Nomad Adventure is a team of professional, committed and positive people who are in the business of providing extraordinary adventure experiences to our clients.

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Youth Programs

Outdoor Learning Programs for Schools & Youth

Creating Success Through Adventure

Nomad Adventure is a specialist in delivering high quality outdoor education camps and expeditions. We work with many of the top international schools in the region to co-create adventure-based learning experiences that are fused with our unique brand of fun and creativity.

Our programs are tailored to meet your specific abilities, requirements and budgets. You have our full support with initial meetings in school, customized program design, and risk assessments through to the last steps of your expedition and final debriefs.

Award-Winning Pioneer of Malaysia Adventure Sports & Experiential Learning

Since the early 90’s Nomad has been instrumental in developing many of the adventure sports in Malaysia. While our main base camp is in Gopeng, Perak, we run multi-sport camps and expeditions all over Peninsular Malaysia which feature:

Camping & Survival Skills

Wilderness First Aid

Jungle Trekking

Abseiling & Climbing

Adventure Caving

Sea or River Kayaking

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Whitewater Rafting

Mountain Biking

Meaningful Community Service

Why Choose Nomad?

With our ISO 9001:2008 and Rescue 3 certifications, we have some of the best outdoor qualifications in Asia. Beyond that, we have a strong safety culture where our people are empowered to lead, and are trained to be vigilant and mindful in how they apply their knowledge and skills in real-world situations.  Safety is not just ‘something we have to do’, but we apply safety thinking in every task, every interaction, every day. 

Climate action, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, equality and justice are causes that we stand passionately for. Nomad Adventure is committed to supporting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and we dedicate a portion of our profits to sponsor initiatives that address these goals. We can incorporate service learning projects in your camp that create a pragmatic and progressive learning experience that is appropriate for the age group.

We have built our reputation as Malaysia’s premier adventure company with our superior organizational skills and depth of experience.  We make your pre-planning for the camp a breeze with our handbooks and extensive risk management documents. Combined with excellent local knowledge, we bring an innovative vision to our activities to create a distinctive “Wow” factor for our camps and programs.

Our approach is always synergistic. We integrate your learning outcomes with our experiential learning activities to facilitate meaningful reflection, judgement and a growth mindset. Our clients chose us again and again because they recognize the value of our work and our commitment to delivering an outstanding experience.

What Do We Offer?

The types of programs we provide for schools include:

Duration: From 2 days to 14 days

Group size: 10 to 200 students

Various locations around Peninsular Malaysia offering different travel times, with different levels of accommodation.

We also have in place:

  • Child Safeguarding Policies
  • Risk Assessments, Safety Procedures and Incident Plans
  • First Aid and Activity Specific Certifications.
  • Liability Insurance
  • Managing Special Diets and Medical Conditions

Adventurous journeys for Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. We provide logistics support, training and supervision in a risk-managed setting with tested safety nets for the security of your students.

Our specialty is multi-sport expeditions which employ different outdoor disciplines such as hiking, kayaking, abseiling or mountain biking.


We provide hands-on projects and activities where youth gain opportunities to make connections, understand significances, and apply information.

We design our programs utilizing

  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Experiential Learning
  • Place-based Education
  • Social-Emotional Development

We provide expert instruction for:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Rope Rescue
  • Whitewater Paddling
  • Swiftwater Safety & Rescue
  • Mountain Biking
  • Wilderness First Aid

We have also designed skills-based courses for outdoor and adventurous activities for schools who want to do the Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education coursework and assessment.

Outdoor Education Programs

When designing an outdoor education program for your school, we do not just throw together an array of convenient activities, or offer a “one size fits all” camp. Rather we start with a thorough understanding of your learning objectives and requirements. Then working in close consultation with you, we carefully tailor the experience so that there is a progression in the level of challenge which is matched with increasing depth in skill acquisition, understanding of concepts and relationship building.

We design camps for a wide range of age groups. These are the common learning objectives we work with based on the age group of the students:

Request School Programs Information
  • Please include students and trip leaders/teachers.
  • Please let us know if these camp dates have been finalised or are flexible.
  • My other suggested location is...
  • What type of program are you looking for? Are there any specific learning outcomes you would like us to meet?
  • This information will help us craft a proposal with appropriate learning progressions.
  • What is your approximate budget for the camp per student, excluding transport to and from school, insurance and other third party expenses?
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Learning Theme for Lower Primary Students: Enjoyment

In their early exposure to camps, we build a foundation of fun and positive experiences where campers:

  • Experience success, gain confidence, conquer fears
  • Be physically active and unplug from technology
  • Build life skills and listen to instructions
  • Appreciate nature, friends and family
  • Have fun, create friendships and learn to collaborate
Learning Theme for Upper Primary Students: Personal Qualities

The next stage focuses of self-awareness, self-esteem, self-management and self-reliance through:

  • Moving from dependence to independence
  • Taking responsibility for personal equipment and time management
  • Recognize and modify any aspects of behavior that adversely affects the group.
  • Learning to see challenges as opportunities
  • Perseverance is the choice I make when I feel like giving up
Learning Theme for Lower Secondary Students: Extending Key Skills

The following learning sequence is about team development and community building:

  • Moving from independence to interdependence
  • Progression from ME to “ME being a leader”
  • Learning how to give and receive support
  • Listen to opinions of others and able to express themselves effectively
  • Setting realistic targets for themselves and keep focussed until they succeed
  • Recognise the role of competition as a spur to high performance
  • Perseverance is getting my team to keep going when the going is tough
Learning Themes for Upper Secondary Students: Self-motivation, Adaptability, Global Citizenship

We aim to create peak experiences where individuals and teams realize their full potential though:

  • Exercising judgement and decision-making skills
  • Vary and adapt what they do in changing circumstances
  • Always aiming higher and aspiring to achieve
  • Ability to perceive the real world correctly and honestly
  • Being open-minded to other perspectives, cultures and backgrounds
  • Developing profound interpersonal relationships


With a variety of locations around Malaysia, our camp locations offer students the opportunity to investigate different geographies and ecosystems, and indirectly develop positive values as well as a sense of connection to the community, our heritage and the natural world. As each location has its own characteristics, opportunities and site-specific activities, we can be sure of crafting a program that meets your specific needs and logistical requirements.