Established since 1994, Nomad Adventure is a team of professional, committed and positive people who are in the business of providing extraordinary adventure experiences to our clients.

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As the leading adventure company in Malaysia for over 20 years, Nomad Adventure set groundbreaking safety standards. We are the driving force that established Gopeng, Perak as one of the top adventure destinations in Asia. We lead by example, train our staff to the highest certification levels, and work every day as guardians and stewards of our precious natural resources in our Gopeng community and beyond. So, why settle for less on your next adventure trip?

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Experience Sungai Kampar with different watercraft – rafts, inflatable kayaks or standup paddle boards. Various levels of challenge from whitewater rapids (ages 12 to 99) to gentle float trips (ages 6-12).


Our award-winning mountain school has a unique high ropes course and adrenaline elements. Other rope activities include zipline canopy tour or 120m zipline in cave or waterfall abseil!


On our nature tours, explore a majestic cave environment or a sunset jungle trek. Learn practical life skills from the Orang Asli or try traditional kampung activities like rubber tapping and tin panning.

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Where Passion Meets Purpose.

Something magical happens when you embrace adventure and challenge yourself to live authentic, intention and curios lives. At Nomad Adventure, these 4 guiding principles underlie of all our work. Let us facilitate your journey to PLAY, CONNECT, LEARN in the great outdoors.

Find out what lifts your spirit and makes it soar!

Adventure is a beginning: From rock climbing to whitewater paddling and adventure racing, Nomad has pioneered adventure sports in Malaysia since 1994. Be assured of professional service and internationally-accredited safety standards.

Adventure forges your truth: Nature is our greatest teacher – a place to explore potential and discover purpose. With our facilitation methodology, we foster shifts in thinking to reveal fresh perspectives and illuminate new possibilities. Expect to impress yourself, laugh at yourself and even surprise yourself.

Adventure connects hearts: Our holistic approach – from our innovative activities, to the choices we made in building our camp and the causes we support– creates an inspiring experience that empowers youth, builds community and develops a deep responsibility for environmental stewardship.

Adventure means anything is possible:  The team strive for success and challenges are are constantly setting the positive mindset in all the task allocated and bring positive impact to the campers.

Adventure Styles

Gopeng, Perak

Our Eco-Friendly Basecamp & Center for Sustainable Team Building

Earth Camp is our headquarters and only 20 minutes from Ipoh. It is our base from where we offer outdoor adventure activities for friends, families and corporate groups. We have a wide range of affordable and eco-friendly accommodations here that cater to groups from 2 to 200 persons!

In constructing Earth Camp, we have paid close attention to sustainable building principles. Our facilities are intentionally designed to give our clients a rustic experience and an opportunity to learn about green living practices. 3Rs at Earth Camp apply to our environmental practices as well as our adventure-based learning philosophy:

Reduce : Your consumption. Your stress, conflict &  negativity.

Reuse : Your resources. Your body, senses and mind in a whole new way

Repurpose:  What you already have. Reset your goals, clarify your intentions, realize your values.