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Friends Love Adventure!

Friends: How to Choose The Best Adventure Trip

These Gopeng Adventures Are Just What Friends Want!

You’ve been friends since “forever,” journeying in the same boat down the river of life since you were kids. Maybe you have already gone on a real expedition together and you want to add more adventures to your repertoire. Or perhaps vacationing together is a new item on your bucket list. Either way, we have the perfect itinerary for you and your friends.

From that group of college BFFs to an all-girls getaway, to a trip for just the guys, our active trips accommodate a wide variety of interests and abilities. Whether you choose a half day adventure or a multi-day trip — and we have a lot of choices for you — you won’t regret time spent deepening those friendships and making even more memories together.


Lower Intensity Activities- Connect on Easy Adventures

Here are some slower-paced adventures where you will have plenty of time to chat with each other. If you are fit enough to walk up 2 or 3 flights of stairs slowly and taking your time, then you are certainly fit enough for these trips!


Mid Range Intensity – Share in Exhilarating Adventures

These trips are exciting and high adrenaline activities that may leave you breathless from laughing or the occasional burst of exertion and energy required. But you do not need any experience to be ready for these trips, just an adventurous frame of mind!


Highest Intensity – Incredible Team Bonding Fun!

Weekend warriors who are looking to gain a new skill or knowledge will find these short instructional courses very rewarding. Reasonable fitness, endurance and a willingness to persevere through a challenge are the only prerequisites.

Nomad Adventure Rafting in Malaysia
white water rafting adventures on sungai kampar- nomad adventure
Recreational Programing
Ropes course leap of faith with Nomad Adventure
High ropes course with Nomad Adventure