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Our accommodations at Earth Camp follows a ‘back-to-basics’ theme.  In keeping with the back-to-basics style, we only have a few plug points located within accommodations. Although our accommodations follow a basic style we have built them with comfort in mind and all buildings include passive cooling systems.


Capacity: 24 pax each

Bathroom: Attached/Semi-detached

With 6 dormitories in total, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. We provide sheets and a thin blanket for each bed and ask you to please bring your own pillow. If you would like something warmer to sleep under, you are welcome to bring your own blanket or sleeping bag. Passive cooling systems used in the dorms also provide heat and sound-proofing qualities.

Our EARTH Dorms (4 in total) are equipped with double bunks, multiple ceiling fans, a sink and either attached or semi-attached (just a short walk away) bathrooms. These dorms have recently been fitted with foam insulated ceilings to aid in cooling the dorms.

Our Kongsi Dorms (2 in total) feature 4 attached bathrooms, double bunks, and multiple wall-mounted fans.

Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp- Dormitories

Kampung Hostel

Capacity: Large rooms 8-10 pax / Small rooms 4 pax

Bathroom: Semi-Detached

Our Kampung Hostel has different sized rooms to accommodate groups of intermediate size. The building has rooms upstairs and an open-air dining area below with sinks. The open design of the hostel is accompanied by its innovative cooling system of tyres in the foundations. You will be amazed how cool this area stays during the daytime and consequently, it is a popular place to relax. Bathrooms are located downstairs off the dining area.

Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp Kampung Hostel exterior

Matahari Villa’s

Capacity: 4 pax

Bathroom: Ensuite 

Considered the most luxurious accommodation in our campsite and completed with ensuite bathrooms. Each villa can sleep up to 4 people, inside there are two bunk beds. We have 3 Matahari Villa’s available. With a mini veranda, you can spend the night outside here and enjoy the night symphony of nature and stargazing.

Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp Matahari Villa

Tampang Houses

Capacity: 2 pax 

Bathroom: Detached

Your own mini Tampang House in Earth Camp. They are each equipped with a bunk bed, couch (possibility to fold out and accommodate one extra person) and small hanging space. Bathrooms are shared and located close to the accommodation. We have 6 Tampang houses available.

Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp Tampang houses

Nearby Hotels

If you prefer to have more creature comforts there are many hotels located in nearby Ipoh or Kampar which are located only 15-30 minutes driving distance away.