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Online Programs

Online team building as a Virtual Village

In these unprecedented times when face to face gatherings are discouraged, meetings and social gatherings have been brought online. While we could still talk to each other virtually, somehow we can’t connect with each other in quite the same way. Once that connection is gone, we also lose a vital sense of kinship.

When Nomad decided to create our online team building programs, we knew that we wanted to do it in a way that was true to our core values and experiential learning philosophy, and to reflect our three experiential learning pillars of “Play, Connect, Learn”.   

We also wanted our online programs to be like a virtual village and thus from our rural location in Gopeng, we created “Kampung Konnections”; a community-building experience with a series of fun-filled exercises and interactive games, infused with our zany sense of humour and positive energy.

Our sessions are underpinned by values dear to our heart; the kampung spirit of working collectively, appreciation, and the simple pleasure of playing together and laughing for no reason.

These could be stand-alone sessions where the experience speaks for itself, or opportunities to delve deeper; to experience a value, practise a skill, or internalize learning.

These sessions are not webinars where you are a passive spectator. We combine Laughter Yoga, group games, and reflection exercises to deliver a distinctive blend of stimulus and contemplation to support relationship building, personal exploration and stress relief.

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Playshop for kids social and emotional development

Do your children miss their friends when school goes virtual? Our Kampung Konnection Kids sessions were born from the simple realization that children desperately need playtime - both unstructured and learning-based. These fun group activities are designed to boost joy and self-esteem, as well as build imagination, creativity and growth mindset

Laughter Yoga for wellness and stress management

Our sessions are specifically designed as an antidote to Zoom fatigue and to reignite positivity in your team by developing a strong sense of community. This is a wellness and stress management program designed to help you build coping skills needed to thrive in the new normal.

Creative online engagement for educators

Are you struggling to make your online lessons more interesting and interactive? This workshop is more than a compilation of games for you to experience. Our aim is to unlock your understanding of experiential learning and reframe how this can be applied in a virtual session.

Team building to ignite your power of teamwork.

Our aim: to help you decipher, experientially, the “puzzle of teamwork``. Because building high performance teams at work is a puzzle. Just how do teams create conversations that matter? These are a few of the questions every organization must answer on its road to harnessing the power and the diversity of its people.

Business coaching for entrepreneurs and management teams

Who are you? Where are you? Where are you going? How will you get there? In a world of information overload, you don’t need more information. You need clear direction: How to follow the best next step for you right now. That begins by knowing your personal, natural path, and finding your flow

Online networking and engagement in business situations

Effective networking happens when people progressively get to know each other and begin sharing knowledge and creating collaborative dialogue. But this rarely happens on its own. During these networking sessions, we craft your group’s experience with comfort building icebreakers, followed by safety developing “relaxers”, communication builders, trust shapers, and finally, reflection exercises.

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Online Courses Available

Course Outline
10-hour active engagement course structure
– 2-Years validity certificate
– International certified qualification

RM250/pax (exc SST)

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