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Family Adventures

Family Adventures: Connect and Have Fun Together!

Nomad Adventure has been creating adventure experiences for families in Gopeng, Malaysia since 1999. We understand that you want your kids to have fun, put down their smart phones and maybe even learn some great life skills in the outdoors. You also want to be able to enjoy nature, relax and soak in every smile, laugh and special moment. After all, it won’t be long before your kids are all grown up and doing their own thing!


On our family-friendly trips, not only will you be creating authentic and fun memories of a lifetime, as a parent you get to rediscover your adventurous and playful self. You get to be a kid again, the one who comes out to play with your kids when someone else is handling all the details and responsibilities of the trip and doing all the hard work behind the scenes. 


Our family activities are suitable for children aged 7+. While half-day trips are available, we encourage families to take at least a full-day trip as this allows children to build confidence and for everyone in the family to be immersed in the experience.


Family Outdoor Water Adventure (Full Day)

Morning: Start with our Popular Practical River Safety Course

In our increasingly urbanized society, many children know how to swim in a pool, but few learn how to keep themselves safe around moving water (which can be found in rivers, canals or in any flood conditions).

Our River Safety Course will teach your family members how to identify hazards, avoid common dangers and practice swimming techniques to make you safer in and around natural bodies of water. Most importantly, it will teach your family members effective rescue skills and give them the know-how to ensure that would-be rescuers do not become victims themselves.

While our River Safety Course addresses important and practical water safety topics, it is delivered in a positive and enjoyable manner so that your family will be sure to have a good time as you learn this important life skill together!

Let’s Go Rafting!
Water activities- white water rafting on Sungai Kampar
Afternoon: Jump into a Rafting Trip Customized to your Family’s Ages and Levels!

Spend the afternoon rafting on the beautiful Sungai Kampar and have the chance to apply your newly acquired water confidence. There are three levels of white water to gently moving water rafting trips, based on the skills, abilities and ages of participants. These include: white water grade 3, mild water rafting grade 2, and flatwater float trips Grade 1.


One Day of Adventure Not Enough for Your Family? 

Mix and match with our ropes activities or nature activities for family-friendly fun and make your experience a 2 or even 3 day adventure!

family outdoor adventures with Nomad adventure
family outdoor experiential learning with nomad adventure
adventure caving at earth camp- nomad adventureFamily Caving (Half Day)

Choose to go to the top of the world or continue on to trace the river to the cave exit.  See all caving trips

Orang Asli Weaving- nomad adventure community tourOrang Asli Community Tour (Add-on only, Half Day)

Visit with an Orang Asli family and learn their heritage and traditional skills. Note: This activity is only available as part of a package, not a stand alone activity. See all community tours. 


High ropes course with Nomad AdventureRopes Course (Half Day)

Families love the ropes course activities at Mountain School! Working together and bond as a family. Older children and parents can learn and belay their family members. Learn some basic rope skills and explore the forest canopy! 


Tin Panning- Academy Kampung- Nomad AdventuresKueh Benkang / Academy Kampung (add on only, Half Day)

Spend time as a family preparing and cooking a traditional Malay sweet treat. While it cooks spend some time playing games and learning about the natural surrounding and culture of the area. 

Please note: Academy Kampung is only available as part of a package, not a stand alone activity.


Gopeng accommodations- Earth Camp Kampung Hostel exteriorAccommodations

The Kampung hostel is great for families!
Just like in traditional houses where the families sleep together, you can stay in our eco-friendly Hostel. One family per hostel room sleeps Asian style on mattresses on the floor.

  • 1 package 1 day, add on to make 2 or 3 day adventure
  • Activities may take place in any order