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Kampung Kayuh Kompetition

Mountain Bike Race in Gopeng

This event will be the first of its kind ever in Malaysia. With a choice of two race routes in beautiful Gopeng, Perak – beginner and advanced – participants will have the opportunity to race on their own schedule at any time throughout 2021. 

During this pandemic, it is of utmost importance for us to stay healthy and active in the outdoors. Therefore, the Socially Distance Race will allow you to experience a different concept of racing while keeping your passion burning till the pandemic is over.

A web-based leaderboard will keep track of monthly winners and the overall winners for the year. Both the beginner and advance race will have their own monthly leaderboard and the winner of the Advanced category will be in the running for a Grand Prize which will be announced at the end of the year.  

2021 Kampung Kayuh Kompetition


Beginner Route - 14KM

The route was designed for someone who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature at their own pace, yet still provide a healthy challenge that will make you sweat. It is easy enough for someone who just learned how to cycle. Can be considered as a Cross-Country type of route with a mixture of dirt, gravel, and tar road. You will be amazed by the beautiful limestone formation throughout your journey. Enjoy the kampung ride through the durian orchard and other plantations around the route.

Beginner Entrance Fee : RM35

Distance : 14 KM

Entitled for monthly LUCKY DRAW*

Advanced Route - 28KM

The route was designed for someone who wants to push the limit of their riding skills and stamina. The rolling hills are a killer to climb but provides a satisfying descent down the hills. Enjoy the view of the beautiful limestone formations of Gua Tempurung as you cruise next to it. This route is challenging enough for intermediate cyclers with more than one year of experience. This route can be considered as a Cross-Country type of route with a mixture of dirt, gravel, tar road, and river crossing.

Advanced Entrance Fee - RM45

Distance- 28 KM


  • Entitled for Grand Prize (Record Timing of the day)
  • Entitled for monthly Prize (Record Timing of the day)
  • Entitled for monthly LUCKY DRAW*

*The more participants sign up the more lucky draws prizes will be prepared

*Lucky draw ratio will be 1 lucky draw for every 15 participants signed up (1:15)

Why Gopeng?

Known as The Land of Grace, Perak is one of the top-visited states in Malaysia in the year 2019.

Perak is rich with the natural beauty around and is also well-known for tin mining and rubber tapping. You can see rubber tree plantations and traces of tin mining as you drive through Perak

Gopeng is one of the districts where the traces of this history is distinctly visible today. In recent years, Gopeng has slowly expanded and became a well-known rafting site in Perak. At the same time, there are two caves that are open to the public for exploration – Gua Tempurung and Gua Kandu.

The Covid-19 pandemic has gravely impacted the tourism industry in Gopeng and the world, since March 2020. Events such as races were also affected as everything came to a halt.

The addition of the Socially Distanced Mountain Bike Race will allow you adventurers to participate in a ‘race’, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, while still adhering to the restrictions set in place.