We currently offer two different packages for Silver, both are 4 days long based around our Earth Camp in Gopeng which look to develop further skills for students in recreation activities.

Option – A

Day 1 is packed with caving through the infamous Gua Tempurung before heading to our Mountain School in the afternoon. Students will be given basic ropes training before tackling our high ropes course. The second day is spent entirely on the water with white water rafting in the morning and then flat water rafting to Kuala Dipang which is where students will camp ready for their Trek. All students are given basic water confidence tests and trained how to react in swiftwater.

The second half of the expedition is a 2 day Trek from Kuala Dipang to Gunung Bujang Melaka. The trek heads through remote wilderness areas towards the summit of the mountain. Students are rewarded by a dip in the magnificent turquoise pool at Batu Berangkai Waterfall! It’s a comfortable but challenging trek which will give the students a raw experience of nature.

Option – B

Students will spend two days completing a Swiftwater Training Course. The course includes water hazards, incident control and management, swiftwater swimming and self-rescue, shallow water techniques and rope systems. Students who complete the task will be awarded the Rescue 3 First Responder Qualification.

Sticking with the water we spend a further 2 days white-water kayaking. Students complete more advanced skills training on Sungai Kampar and Sungai Sungkai before we take the students downstream to camp at an Orang Asli village on Sungai Sungkai.