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Camping @ Nomad Adventure


Looking for a Campground by the Riverside?

Here in Nomad, you will be able to experience the different horizon of camping.
With the location near to our riverside, you can pitch up your tent just on the land next to a river and watching the sunset during the evening.

Similar to our accommodation in Nomad Adventure, we are back to the basics concept for our campsite as well. With 2 canopies ready for you to use to prepare your meals and setting your items while pitching up your tent.

A slight background on our camping land is it is a recovery land where we previously treat our camp green waste such as leaves and logs and as time goes by, the land accumulates enough dirt and soil-forming strong land to be camp on.


Weekday - RM15.90/ pax

Weekend - RM22.00 /pax

Children below 5 years old - FOC

Capacity - 35 pax (Max)

Pet Friendly Camp

Check In - After 3.00 PM

Check Out -11.00AM

Riverside Camping ground

Back to our theme, at Earth Camp, we finally have our Riverside Camping being built up. With many packages, you may come and craft your own unique camping style.

You can bring in your own tent or even rent with us (subject to availability).

WARNING: It will be a challenge to experience the camping lifestyle but with a fruitful experience. Our camping experience is not the glamping type, so be prepared to rough it out a little.

Past Time Activity

Wondering on how the 70s, 80s and 90s go through the free time in evening?
Here in Nomad Adventure, you will find the “Box to the past” and a series of games which you and your family can spend quality time together without the technology we have now.