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About Me – Ruzaini

Ruzaini Razali Nomad Adventure Team Member

Ruzaini Razali (Roy)

Raftshed Supervisor

Roy came to Nomad after seeing our rafts piled on top of a lorry as he was eating at a famous local Curry Noodle stall in 2013. His curiosity was immediately sparked and he started by helping out in exchange for river trips. An all-rounder who seems to effortlessly excel in any outdoor sport, Roy is a Rescue 3 Water and Rope instructor as well as being an outstanding rock climber and mountain biker. This Taiping boy is well known to be a jokester and is always smiling cheekily and laughing. He will be the first person to try something new even if it looks silly and a bit extreme for normal humans. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he is always good at EVERYTHING he does.


Rescue 3 Wilderness Medical & Water Instructor
Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Rescue 3
Grade 3 Trip leader, the International Rafting Federation
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced, Rescue 3
Rope Skills Instructor, Nomad Adventure
River Rescue Professional, Rescue 3
Recreational Rappelling Operator, Rescue 3
Advanced Facilitation, Pivotal Learning