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Reopening Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Precautions implemented by Nomad Adventure

As we are battling a global pandemic, each and every one of us plays an important role in preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19 in our community and workplace. Adopting and implementing precautionary measures and continuity planning after the outbreak is therefore critical to minimize the risk of contamination to you, our team and future participants.

All Nomad Adventure staff have undergone an online course and been certified by World Health Organization (WHO) on what are Acute Respiratory Infections, how they are transmitted, how to assess the risk of infection and list basic hygiene measures to protect against infection.

Below are the measures that we have implemented, which largely exceed the guidelines and requirements set by the Malaysian Ministry of Health for the prevention of COVID-19, so we seek your cooperation in adhering to them. Please understand that while we make all possible efforts to minimize risk, protection against exposure to Covid-19 cannot be guaranteed.

What does this mean for you?


  • Stay abreast of local developments and comply with directives from authorities.
  • During the RMCO period, if any local or national orders do not permit your trip to be run, we will fully refund any payments you have made.
  • As a condition for us to accept your booking, you must be willing to fill in and sign our usual Participant’s Registration and Acknowledgement of Risk and an additional Covid-19 Health Declaration Form
  • This is a declaration that you have been symptom-free for the last 14 days and have not been exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed as Covid positive. Your full contact details will be collected so that health authorities can get in touch with you for contact tracing.
  • Plan to carpool to our meeting point only with people that you have been quarantining with.


  • Upon arrival, our team will then conduct a screening process which includes a temperature and symptom check and sanitizing of hands.
  • If you are unwell, you will not be allowed to participate in the activities. You will be allowed to reschedule your trip at no extra cost.
  • Nomad Adventure’s Earth Camp and all Nomad staff have registered under the MySejatera app, so you may have access to our public health information available on that app.
  • Depending on the activity you’ve chosen, we may ask you to arrive at a meeting point instead of our Earth Camp to minimize the risk of contamination.


Precautions During Trip or Program

  • Our usual safety briefing will be enhanced with an additional briefing on measures to prevent respiratory disease transmission as recommended by WHO.


Exclusive Trips, Social Distancing & Group Sizes

  • When you book a Gopeng trip with us, your trip will be exclusive to your friends and family only. Your raft will only have your participants, and if you select a land or high ropes activity, your groups will be “sports distance” apart from other groups.
  • For our Jungle School camps in Selangor however, it is an open enrollment day camp, and there will be the possibility of other individuals joining the trip, up to the number allowed by the Malaysian government SOP.
  • Your guide will be trained to maintain appropriate distance throughout the trip.
  • In the areas where our clients gear up and fit their equipment, we have marked spots on the floor so that appropriate distance can be maintained or please check with our staff for more info.


Services: Food, Transport, Accommodation

  • Where logistics permit, we will ask you to travel in your own vehicle to minimize your exposure.
  • When we transport you in our vehicles, the vehicle will be exclusive for your group OR we will .
  • The vehicles will have maximum ventilation or even be open air and be sanitized before you use it.
  • Your group will have a separate lunch area just for yourselves.
  • If you require accommodation, we will spread out all our guests within our 6 acre property.
  • Our trips maybe staggered starting times to prevent cross-contact with other groups.


Face Coverings

  • Face masks or face shields will be provided for staff and clients
  • In situations where close contact is unavoidable (for example dispatching a client on a zipline or abseil), Nomad guides will have a face mask or a face shield on.
  • The International Rafting Federation does not advise face masks for whitewater rafting or any water activities as face coverings are not effective once wet and can interfere with breathing.


  • Hand washing or sanitizing facilities will be available throughout the trip.
  • There will be hand cleansing breaks at timely intervals during the trip.
  • All personal protective equipment that is used on your trip (lifejackets or PFDs, helmets, harnesses and ropes) will be washed in soapy water that kills the coronavirus but does not deteriorate the equipment material.
  • Hard surfaces such as floors, tables, and seats will be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant after each client group has used that venue or item.