Rescue 3 Courses & Certifications

Rescue 3 Certification

Who is Rescue 3?
Rescue 3 International was founded in 1979 and has risen to become the recognized leader in water and flood rescue, training over 150,000 students throughout the US and 32 countries around the world. After 30 years our mission remains the same: to provide flood, water, and rope rescue training to individuals and organizations with an emphasis on ways to keep rescuers from becoming victims and to deliver practical, real world experience.

Unparalleled Documentation
Each student is assigned a certification number so that their training record can be documented and accessed at any time in the future for employment or legal reasons. This database is maintained by Rescue 3 International at the worldwide headquarters in California, USA.

Internationally Recognised Training Available Locally
Nomad Adventure is Rescue 3’s Preferred Training Provider in Malaysia. We have been running Rescue 3 courses since 2008 and have six certified Rescue 3 instructors amongst our full time staff. We work closely with instructors from all around the world and can host any of the 105 classes within Rescue 3’s curriculum. Nomad’s founder, Chan Yuen-Li is also the Regional Manager for Asia for Rescue 3 International.

Rescue 3 Course Dates 2016

We are happy to announce to official Rescue 3 International Course dates of 2017!


River Rescue Course/ Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) 2 days
27th Feb – 28th Feb 
5th May – 6th May
9th Dec – 10th Dec 

River Rescue Course Pro (RRC Pro)* 3 days
The RRC Pro course will be provided on:
16th Jan – 18th Jan
27th Feb – 1st of March 
5th May – 7th May
9th Dec – 11th Dec 

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRTA)* 3.5 days
The  course will be provided on:
8th May – 10th May
12th Dec – 14th Dec


Wilderness First Aid (WFA)* 2-3 days
The WFA course will be provided on:
28th Apr – 30th Apr
9th Dec – 11th Dec 

Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)* 5 days
The WAFA course will be provided on:
28th Apr – 2nd May
9th Dec – 13th Dec 


Recreation Rappel Operator (RRO) 4 days
The RRO course will be provided on:
6th May – 9th May
12th Dec – 14th Dec

*Minimum enrollment of 5 persons to run the course.

For more course details please click on the course you would like to know more about. Or click here to  visited the Sierra Rescue website.