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What is rope flow? Rope Flow is a new fitness trend that is fast gaining traction in the fitness industry. It is part jump rope, part dancing, and is a great mobility exercise that promotes rhythm, timing, and coordination between the left and right brain. It is a fun way to exercise and improve mobility and joint health and with sufficient practice, it can also be a tool to release stress and anxiety. As the name suggests, all you need is

Cycling is a great way to exercise. It provides a great cardio workout and is considerably low impact compared to jogging and running. People with knee issues find it easier to cycle than to run. It is quite versatile too, as you do a steady state cardio workout, or even a high intensity interval training workout by cycling! Recently there has been an upsurge in cyclists. This is a good thing because it means people are going out and exercising more.

Every year, Malaysia experiences a monsoon season that starts sometime around early November and ends around the end of March. It affects the whole country with the East Coast being affected most. Too often, major floods happen, shattering many people's lives and livelihoods. Despite it being an annual occurrence, nothing much has been done to alleviate the situation and it seems like it keeps on getting worse. Being in the city is no different as KL city does get flooded whenever

This article is to give readers a crash course in risk assessment so that we can have the tools to think about risk in an objective and systematic way. When we have a framework to analyze our behaviour, and to evaluate available resources and the environment around us, we can exercise our best judgement to navigate all the decisions that we have to make in this volatile, uncertain and complex world. The outdoors is an ever-changing and dynamic environment where risk

If you are planning an outdoor adventure trip after the CMCO is lifted, do take a look at our Covid-19 protocol so you will know what to expect and can help keep us and yourself safe. Sharing our best practices for the Covid-19 pandemic A few days after the first case was recorded in Malaysia, Nomad Adventure implemented our safety protocol to handle Covid-19. We based it on the protocol we developed in 2003 for SARS, and fine tuned it with the

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you all but we are grateful that the government has eased the Movement Control Order and implemented the conditional version of it. This allows us to do some outdoor activities provided that we follow the SOP and maintain our physical distance. Our team of experienced outdoor trip leaders, first aid instructors and risk assessors put together this outdoor safety advisory for the CMCO. What are the benefits of being in the outdoors? Studies have shown that