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Walking & Talking


Here is an interesting technique that builds connections between the members of your group. The kinesthetic nature of this activity will energize your participants as well. You will need sufficient space for partners to walk together without bumping into others.Begin by inviting everyone to partner with someone they do not know yet. Explain to them that they are to take a three-minute stroll together and to find out three things about each other that they have in common.


Encourage participants to go beyond convenient similarities such as being the same height or wearing similar shoes. A level one connection, for example, is when both partners own a dog. A level two connection could be that they both own the same breed of dog. A level one connection is discovering that both partners like to read. A level two connection occurs when they discover they like the same author or have read the same book recently. The goal of this activity is to identify at least three level two style connections.When people discover that they have something in common with others, it creates a unique bond. The love of pets, books, old movies,sporting events, TV shows, music and food are all subjects that can create a sense of connection between people that enjoy these things.When your participants have completed their walk and returned, invite them to share their most unique commonality with everyone in the group.



The Story of Your Name


Whenever I am in a culturally diverse audience,I like to share this activity. Everyone has a story related to their name. Some of us are named after a favorite relative, a close family friend or perhaps even someone famous. Our middle names are significant too. For this activity, invite everyone to share the story of their name. How they came to have it. If they like it or not. Who else has their name. And encourage them to end with the phrase “please call me…. their name of choice here.” In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to say how they like to be addressed, and what is positive about their name.