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Laughter Yoga

The Power of Laughter has been widely recognized for its healing benefits. Employees will learn how to strengthen their immune system, raise their levels of self-confidence, and cultivate their personal expression further by stepping beyond their limitations.

Created by Dr Madan Kataria from India, there are now over 6000 laughter clubs in over 60 countries. Laughter yoga is often used in corporate training to create positive attitude and team unity as well as for stress management and corporate wellness programs.

Laughter Yoga is a health craze that is sweeping across the world. It is not a comedy. It is an exercise program for Health and Wellbeing. We don’t need to rely on jokes or sense of humour. We do intentional laughter as an exercise to begin with, which turns into real and genuine laughter when practiced in a group as laughter becomes contagious by looking at each other. The sessions are a blend of laughter exercises, fun teambuilding games, and breathing exercises.

These laughter exercises have been scientifically proven to deliver physical and mental benefits. At Nomad Adventure we take the learning one step further to explore issues such as emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, focus on success and the power of positive thinking as well as appreciating team and personal success.

‘People who laugh together succeed together.’ Laughter Yoga is a powerful tool that connects people easily with each other. It also helps to develop a positive mental attitude, hope, optimism and enhances communication skills to help in team building.